Cochranville Duck Anyone?

Cochranville Duck Anyone?

A Chester County farmer based in Cochranville is trying a new crop according to an article published earlier this week on LancasterOnline; Ducks!

That’s right, the kind that quack and if Kerwin and Marie King’s (pictured above) plans work out as they hope, the kind that pay their bills.

The King’s have outfitted a 40,000 square-foot barn owned by Kerwin’s father to sustain thousands of ducklings.  Twenty-seven thousands of the tiny ducklings to be precise.  The King’s will keep and care for until the flock reaches 40 to 42 days old.

When the birds are fully grown the Kings will transport them back to the breeder who sold them the day-old ducklings.  The breeder will process the birds and resell the slaughtered foul to Chinese and upscale restaurants up and down the east coast and abroad.

Here are the first couple of paragraphs from the LancasterOnline article

COCHRANVILLE – Ducks are like soccer. Both are more popular outside the United States than in.

But that’s changing, as both are increasing in popularity here.

Chester County farmer Kerwin King is one of the newest farmers serving the growing U.S. demand for duck.

Taking a break from washing trays at his new 40,000-square-foot barn, King, 32, said the time was right to find his own farming niche.

He had been working with his father, who grows potatoes, corn, soybeans, wheat and barley on 162 acres, and is now leasing land from him for the duck barn.

“This is the first we’ve done anything other than crop farm,” he said.

Read the entire article here.

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