Christiana Yesterday

Christiana Yesterday

Chapter Four of Around the Boundaries of Chester County by Wilmer MacElree published in 1943 takes a look back at the Indian tribes who greeted early settlers of the Christiana and Gap regions of the upper Octorara Creek:

2.16.2013 Gap27

 2.16.2013 Gap282.16.2013 Gap292.16.2013 Gap30

2.16.2013 Gap31

2.16.2013 Gap32

2.16.2013 Gap33

2.16.2013 Gap34

2.16.2013 Gap35

2.16.2013 Gap36

2.16.2013 Gap37

2.16.2013 Gap38

2.16.2013 Gap39

2.16.2013 Gap40

2.16.2013 Gap41

2.16.2013 Gap42

2.16.2013 Gap43

2.16.2013 Gap44

2.16.2013 Gap45

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