Chester County Survey Gets It Right This Time

Chester County Survey Gets It Right This Time

Chester County wants your opinion, again. And this time they’re being a heck of a lot more polite about how they ask.

Long-time readers of Parkesburg Today will remember one survey last year where County officials omitted “Western Chester County” as one of the optional pull-down responses to the “In what Part of the County do you live?” question.

This time around Chester County Economic Development Council has teamed with Chester County government asking for your take on the County’s present and future economy.

The driving force behind the survey is an initiative named VISTA 2025. VISTA 2025, which stands for “Vision * Ideas * Solutions * Teams * Actions” seeks to define Chester County in business terms and provide it with competitive messaging to attract and retain both businesses and a skilled, experienced workforce over the next ten to twelve years.

How does the VISTA 2025 survey handle the “Where do you live?” question. Simply by asking survey respondents for their zip code.

Such a simple solution to a not very complex problem!

Make sure county leaders hear the collective voice of Western Chester County as they formulate the County’s long-term business plan.  Take the Survey here.

According to a recent Daily Local News story on VISTA 2025 here, the survey “is available through June 15.”


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