Cancer Survivor Will Speak Sunday At Parkesburg Church

Cancer Survivor Will Speak Sunday At Parkesburg Church

Jim Lantz, Pastor of Parkesburg Word of Faith Church and the man who graciously hosts the community breakfast at the VFW on the third Saturday of every month, told me about Brian Wills’ visit to Pastor Lantz’s Sunday’s service last Saturday morning.

While I consider myself a devout scripture-reading Christian, my faith wanes more than a little when it comes to faith healing.  I tend to put more faith in the prescription written by my family doctor than I do in the laying on of hands and fervent prayer when it comes to sickness and injury.  It has always been thus with me.

Thankfully, Pastor Lantz sees and experiences the world differently than I do.

That his faith was deeper and wider than mine was evident Saturday morning when he told me of Mr. Wills’ coming visit and gave me the Reader’s Digest of Wills’ spiritual experience overcoming a deadly form of cancer.  I asked him to send me a paragraph or two about Wills for me to post on these pages.  Here’s what Pastor Lantz sent me Saturday afternoon.

Brian Wills was diagnosed with a fast growing terminal cancer called Burkitts Lymphoma 28 years ago. This kind of cancer has been know to kill people in a couple of weeks and babies in a day. At one point the tumor was growing so fast that the Doctors were measuring the tumor every hour. The Doctor said, I give you ten hours to live!

Brian’s organs had begun to shut down and he prayed and told God he wanted to live and that he would do anything that he wanted him to do. Immediately the Lord brought to Brian’s mind someone he needed to forgive. Brian said, Lord, I forgive him and I would call him and ask for his forgiveness but I don’t know his phone number. Immediately the Lord brought this persons phone number to Brian’s attention.

The next morning the tumor, which was larger that a soccer ball, was gone and Brians kidney’s were functioning again, and he was healed by the power of God. The Lord proceeded to give Brian other steps that he needed to take in order to walk in divine health.

Brian and his wife Beth, live in Virginia, and have three wonderful daughters and a son. Brian travels and ministers wherever the Lord directs him to go, telling others that God will save and heal you just like he did for me. Brian’s driving force is to tell people that God still does miracles today and that they do not have to die early!

Brian’s book, Ten Hours to Live, tells of his healing and many of the truths the Lord taught him concerning healing and living a life of victory. His book is available on line at

Brian will be our guest speaker next Sunday, Jan 26, in our 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM meeting. There is no admission cost and everyone is welcome to come.  We will be meeting at the home of Jim and Carol Lantz, at 501 Lenover Rd.  Parkesburg, Pa. 19365.   Call 610-593-2277 for directions!

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