Calendar Alert: Heroin Awareness Community Meeting

8.2.2013 Kacie's Cause

23-year old Kacie Rumsford over dosed on heroin she bought near her home in Kennett Square just six months ago in March.

Kacie’s father, Andy Rumsford, is organizing this event this morning to warn residents about the dangers of heroin, a drug that killed 37,000 Americans last year and continues to make an alarming comeback in small cities and towns, and provide information of where parents can get help if they suspect their child is using drugs including heroin.

CLICK HERE for more information about Andy Rumsford’s initiative to raise awareness of the heroin epidemic sweeping the country.

CLICK HERE for an article in the New York Times last month describing the impact the reemergence of heroin originating in Columbia and traveling through Mexico to distribution centers in Philadelphia and New York City is impacting small communities similar to Parkesburg in New England.

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