Borough Council Meeting Notes

My notes from last night’s Borough Council Meeting:

All council members except Sharon Wolf were present at the start of the meeting.  Sharon wolf arrived late around 7:30 PM.

Police Chief’s report –

Fire Chief’s report – Full report here and here.

Emergency Operations Plan – Putting a plan in place to ensure government services continuity in the case of an emergency.  The plan has to be reviewed every two years.

Approving the services of CrediTech to assist with the collection of delinquent trash bills.  No cost to the Borough rather the payee pays the cost of collection.  Several different services were evaluated.

Authorizing the Borough to recover detention costs for people arrested and found guilty for traffic violations and crime codes.

Changing the Borough’s open burn ordinance to add a new definition and exception for recreational fires and portable outdoor fireplaces.

Borough Manager Report –

  • State Street Bills – we’ll pay them and then be reimbursed by PD as soon as we get the canceled checks back
  • West Bridge Street – John Carnes will cover in his report

Mayor John Hagan spoke about abandoned residences, people who have walked away from their mortgage.  Council should consider some sort of ordinance to charge property owners for upkeep. Solicitor Carnes spoke of the different approaches other municipalities use to track vacant properties and bill property owners for property upkeep.  Currently property owners are billed for any work performed by the Borough.  If the property owner doesn’t pay the bill, the Borough files a Lien against the property.

Mayor’s Report – spoke about the lack of a Memorial Day Parade this year and asked rhetorically how we honor veterans.

Solicitors report –

  • The Borough has switched engineering firms for the West Street project.  The new firm is already under contract with PennDOT and will save the Borough time and money.
  • Temporary Construction Easements for West Bridge Street are all in place allowing construction to move ahead.

Bike Race – Schedule for July 5th.  Seeking vendors and sponsors.  Any company interested in sponsoring the Eric Jamison or Mike Martorano.  Committee meeting Tuesday night at Borough Hall at 6:30 PM.

Finance – we have received about 70% of anticipated revenue to date.  We’re starting to work on next year’s budget and hope to have a draft ready by the end of July.

Police – We’re not getting rich but we are making money on police contracts

Fire Consolidation – The Borough owes the fire company just under $4,000 to fund its share of the first year expenses of the fire company consolidation.

Public comments

  • David Jones – spoke about the 140th anniversary celebration on July 29th at Beale Manor. Soliciting in the Borough, the sink hole in front of the Arms, the Memorial Day observations and the emergency management plan.
  • Mayor Hagan suggested council consider waving their salaries for the 2nd half of the year to fund next year’s Memorial Day parade.
  • Gerry Treadway – Parkesburg doesn’t want to lose its Memorial Day tradition.  More lead time (up to 6 months) and more publicly elected officials at the commemoration.
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