Borough Council Interrupts Carol Seawell

Borough Council Interrupts Carol Seawell

At last week’s Borough Council meeting, Carol Seawell’s comments were cut off after three minutes without warning. Parkesburg Today spoke to Seawell about the situation.

What happened?

“I went to the Borough Council Meeting to speak to the mayor. I wanted to talk to him about my concerns with the police, to urge him to have our police officers walk a beat, thirty minutes a day, just walk Parkesburg, get to know the kids, get to know people’s patterns, so they know what should be happening in the neighborhood.

“It’s my experience if you get to know people and have a good relationship with them, you’re less apt to have problems. Like people not picking up after their dogs—that affects the whole town. I was trying to get that across. We also have a problem with drugs and stealing and vandalism. But if we had a personal police presence, we could curtail a lot of this.

“There have been people panhandling outside CVS and Turkey Hill. I’ve experienced that first hand. Panhandling is illegal. I personally know two of the people. They don’t need the money. That’s how they make their money. If we had a police presence on foot, they would see that that’s happening.”

Do you have a bad relationship with the Borough Council?

“I think so.

In the beginning of the summer, I kept finding dog feces. I thought if I took pictures and gave locations that would be a good thing. I also had pictures of ordinance violations likes weeds and trash that haven’t been addressed forever. The Borough Council President, Kathleen Rick, interrupted me and said, ‘Excuse me, don’t you have a business in town? Don’t you have anything better do than drive around town and take pictures?’ That’s verbatim.

“People have given up on going to meetings. There used to be yelling and carrying on and all kinds of stuff.

What do you want fixed most?

“I want police to be more about community. I want them to be a physical presence, be that cop helping a kid getting chased and hassled … walk through the park and make sure kids aren’t ripping the trim off that building over there. People getting off the train and seeing a police officer that says hello would make them feel safer. They should make sure there isn’t a guy trying to stumble down the street into Rocco & Anna’s. Those kinds of things. Parkesburg could turn into a rough kind of Coatesville. There’s a million good things about this town. But the negative things hurt Parkesburg. I think it can be a great town.”

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