Borough Council Faces Tough Tax Choices

By Former Council President David Jones

The Borough and all of us face some significant challenges in the coming months and during 2012.

Parkesburg Borough is ending the 2011 fiscal year with a deficit equal to approximately 1 mill and a need to borrow approximately $153,000 to meet payroll and other payment obligations.

This means the Borough starts next year needing to make up at least one mill from this year and find a way to cover at least that much again for next year.

From “my” perspective a one mill tax increase will only pay off this year’s debt.  An additional 1 mill may also be necessary to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen in 2012.  I must stress this is my perspective and I am not directly involved in all of the discussion or reviewing all of the data.

There is also the matter of the merger of the Borough’s Fire Company with several others.  While we have been spending approximately $69,000 annually for fire services, the merger will have certain “up front” costs that could total at least another mill.

Put together, the fire company merger and the short fall of current revenue have created an enormous challenge for Borough Council.  Important decisions that affect all citizens of the Borough will be made in the coming weeks and it is important for us all to understand what the decisions are and how they will impact us all.

The next Council meeting is November 21st at 7:00 PM at Borough Hall.

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