Borough Assumes Ownership Of Arms’ Lot

Borough Assumes Ownership Of Arms’ Lot

A slow night at borough council meeting Monday night, slow that is until the end of the meeting when the Carol Seawell portion of the meeting began.  From there it was all downhill with neither side distinguishing themselves in the conversation. More on that in a minute.

During the meeting Keystone Valley Fire Department Fire Chief Ray Stackhouse spoke about how the department’s ambulance service is expanding to meet the needs of a larger area as well as the opening of Lancaster General’s new urgent care center on Route 10.  The center’s urgent care facility is open seven days a week from 9 to 9 to treat patients for minor medical emergencies.

Servicing the Urgent care center, Stackhouse noted, will take the ambulance service hours numbers up as they run patients from the center to Lancaster General’s main hospital in Lancaster.  The trip to and from Lancaster General however will take the ambulance out of service for a full two hours.

In other business the six members of council (Councilman Joe Dynesco was absent) voted unanimously to accept ownership of the fenced lot next to The Arms apartment building at 415 First Avenue.  The lot, now in foreclosure, is owned by Customer’s Bank in Phoenixville.

Because a storm-water runoff viaduct flows a few feet below the surface of the vacant lot, nothing heavy or a structure with a basement is permitted to be built on the lot.  After several months of discussion between the Borough and bank officials, bank decided to gift the lot to the borough with no stipulations.  The Borough is free to do whatever the community wants to do with the land.

During the visitor’s comments near the conclusion of the meeting First Avenue business owner Carol Seawell rose and berated and scolded council for not being prepared for the Point’s opening next month, not addressing ordinance violations around town and in her opinion, inadequate and unprofessional police coverage and responsiveness.

Members of council, Mayor Hagan and the police staff present took issues with Ms. Seawell’s accusations and tone and a lively, sometimes heated, conversation ensued.  The back and forth volleys, in which neither side requited themselves well, lasted about 15 minutes.

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