Bike Race Raises Hope and Money

Bike Race Raises Hope and Money

Last month’s bike race drew thousands of people and raised $1,700 for local charities.

“A success,” Jack Assetto, chairman of the Parkesburg Criterium Committee, said at the Chesco Grand Prix. Assetto hopes the Borough Council will donate $10 thousand to next year’s event.

Councilman Chuck Persch complimented Assetto for a job well done. Council Vice President Mel Keen thanked Assetto for “bringing everything and everyone together in a short period of time.”

Carol Seawell, owner of Seawell’s Market on First Avenue, said the bike race brought “a lot of customers and a lot of exposure.” She hopes the council will bring more events to revitalize the downtown business district.

Monies raised by the race will be donated by the Criterium Committee to:

  • Octorara Food Cupboard – $400
  • Parkesburg Outreach – $400
  • Keystone Valley Fire Department – $400
  • Parkesburg Library – $300
  • Parkesburg Point – $250



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