Beyond Circumstances: The Giuntas Story


Jon and Lauren Giunta three girls; Julianna (center) is 5, Alexis Grace (left) age 4 and Taylor Faith (right) 2 years old.

Thanks to Nicole Wilde for bringing this special family to my attention!

First, a confession.  I cut and paste all the time on Parkesburg Today.  Cut and past, together with a few original sentences tossed in for good measure, is the only way I keep up the steady stream of news and keep my wife, boss and bill collector, in that order of importance, at bay.

Today though, I cut and paste with purpose.  Humorist, blog coach and (oh, by the way) human, Bryan Allain, tells this family’s story better than I ever could.

In a blog post dated August 18th, Bryan wrote:

On Saturday night our church is putting on an event called Hope Through Hilarity to raise money for the Giuntas, and tickets are still available if you live in the Lancaster County, PA area. Click here for more info and to buy tickets: Hope Through Hilarity.

Here’s a new video that was put together for the event with more info on their story. Take a few minutes to check it out.

Beyond Circumstances from Freedom Life Christian Center on Vimeo.

Though they’re not currently raising money towards a specific goal at, you can always donate money to the Giuntas there.

 It will go directly to them. Here’s that link: Donate to Jon & Lauren.

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