Atglen Find It Friday

Atglen 08 Nov 2013
Atglen Find It Friday

By Meghan Miller

After making his readers look for signs for the past few weeks, FIF has decided to change it up a little. But that doesn’t mean he’s cutting anyone any slack.

FIF likes the change of scenery and the new sights to see in Atglen. But as much as he likes the new, history still interests him. What he enjoys most is learning about huge historical events, but seeing what effects they had locally.

Pictured this week is a metallic-plated eagle. While you’re searching this week, keep in mind what the eagle represents. History inspired FIF this week, see what will inspire you to take a walk around Atglen.

If you think you know the right answer, post your guess in the comments section below. The winner of the $10 Rocco & Anna gift certificate will be announced on Sunday morning.

Happy guessing!


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