Atglen Find It Friday

Atglen 25 Oct 2013
Atglen Find It Friday

By Meghan Miller

FIF was feeling a bit humorous as he strolled around Atglen on the hunt for something to provide another weekend of stumped guessers.

Apparently, the people who made this sign were in the same light-hearted mood. Based on this sign, comparing the Bible to a computer, not only are you encouraged to learn about Judaism and Christianity, but the same place promoting this, also offers support during your studies.

This sign sits at the edge of a yard. To give you a better hint, this picture shows only part of the sign.

FIF can’t disclose any more clues without giving away the answer so he relies on his weekly scavengers to find the answer.

Once you think you know where to find this sign, post your guess in the comments section below. Extra bonus points will be awarded if your guess includes your favorite bible verse.  The winner of a $10 Rocco and Anna gift certificate will be announced this Sunday morning!

So get out there and enjoy the world around you!


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