Atglen Borough Council Notes

Atglen 02 Aug 2011


Borough Mamager Gail Murphy, Council President Dirk Hagan and Councilperson Nancy Pelet talk before the start of Monday’s council meeting.
Notes: these are unofficial notes from Monday evening’sAtglen Borough Council Meeting
Public Works Report
  • Participationlow; 2.5 inches of rain in July
  • 66,500gallons per day entering the sewer plant 
  • Sewer plant: L&I work – we’ll do some final work on the traps left over from lastyear.  We still have a few sewer vents wecan’t find.  We’ll look at that later
  • We had a community service worker doing 40 hoursof community service – painted borough Hall – did a nice job
  • 124 Newport Circle – we replaced a piece ofconcrete in the sidewalk, a trip hazard. Looks pretty good
  • Are there other streets that need repairs in theBorough?  A few (5-6) but nothingmajor.  Each location is checked andrepaired once a quarter
  • Water
  • Well  #1 –we’re waiting on DEP for the go ahead to do the pump switch out on pumps 1 and3.
  • New well site at the Beiler-Campbell prop – therewas a meeting today.  Contractor will putin some testing equip.  Beginning thisFriday we’ll be monitoring 6 different locations. One at the farmhouse and at 5other locations along the creek.  Contractorwill install a pump next week.  We’llthen do our drawdown test.  These monitorpoints gather and store information. We’ll gather the paper slips from each of the points once an hour tomake sure we don’t lose the data.  Thefirst 12 hours of the test are most important. We’ll team up with thecontractor to do the testing across all 48 hours of the well test.
There we no visitor comments
Minutes, Bills,Treasurers Report, Department and Advisory reports were reviewed and approved –Lavenberg asked for an adjustment to the minutes, that those marked present benoted as absent.  The change will bemade.
Householdhazardous waste – the topic was tabled last month.  President Hagan made a suggestion that theBorough pay the $400.  Instead, a motionwas made that the borough wait until the start of 2012 and join then.  The motion was approved.
C tabled,we’re not talking about that. 
Sewerproject grant – Borough Manager Gail Murphy is looking for monies from the county but doesn’t expectto hear anything until September.
Timber sale– the contractor will mulch everything. 
Cable TVfranchise –
Covered Bridge Run – Chief Sheller met with Y officials about the race.  The Y will try to meet the Chief’sspecifications.
PenningtonvillePark – storm water catch basin is scheduled for tax sale at the end of theyear.  Perhaps we’ll be able to pick itup very cheaply.
201 Main Street –
RentalInspection program – continuing to work on it, nothing to report
Zoning Amendment– Chester County asked for a couple of changes pertaining to cell phone towersand satellite dishes.  Nothing wrong withwhat we’re doing.  We’ll send thisversion to our solicitor for his review. Hope to have it ready to be reviewedand ready for a vote at our September meeting.
Bridge Rightof Ways – Hope to get them both signed this week
Good Works –a breakfast in August or September?  Wehaven’t had a business open house in a long time.  Combine an in a single event and invitechurches and businesses to meet with Good Works
ChettyProperty – Meeting with Chetty next week.
SeptemberBorough Council Meeting – thinking of having the meeting August 29th instead of onSeptember 5th Labor Day.  We need to have a meeting to work on the preliminary budget. President Hagan can not attend on September 12th.  Other members can not attend on August 29th.  Also considered 8/31 and 9/7 as possibleother dates.  Agreed on August 29that 7:00 PM. 
VisitorComments –
William Kloss asked for moreinformation on the Chetty Property – Chetty had almost completed the sub divisionbefore the economy tanked.  There are acouple of very dilapidated houses that may need to be demolished.  Zoning officer is meeting with Chetty todevelop an action plan. 
Kloss expressed concern about expansionof the sewer plant, there hasn’t been a discloser about our rate increase andthe town footing the bill for the development in the open field in the ChettyProperty. 
Council responded by explaining thesewer plant can not meet the Chesapeake Bay regulations.  We could put a patch on the plant which wouldcost $1M.  That patch would only get usthrough a couple of years and then we would have to spend more money.  We don’t see the regulations getting easier/lighter.  The patch just didn’t make sense. 
We looked at options including connectingto PA American water, we would have to run new piping from east of Parkesburg ($4.5M).  We also looked at partnering with Christiana,they were not interested. 
Our existing plant was built in 1969,it is working to its capacity.  The newplant will support up to 300 additional homes and is expandable as that numberis exceeded. 
Federal government is reimbursing the borough 48% of theinterest.  Sewer fees in the borough willgo up to pay for the new plant.  Theywill go up on an annual basis for the next 25 years.  Tap in fees are currently $12,000, thehighest in the county.  We’ve beenlooking at options for a many years. We’re a small municipality so our pleas aren’t heard in Harrisburg orWashington.

SenatorBrubaker has been very helpful on the political side.  Council also considered hiring lobbyist andconsultants but that route would have cost $60K and had no guarantee ofsuccess.

Plan to bidthe sewer project by the end of this year or early next year and, based on recentexperience, hope the bids come in below estimates.
Our water isthe next issue we’ll have to deal with.  Were being told we needto shut down our springs the current source of our drinking water. The springsdon’t meet regulation.  Eventually we’llhave to shut them down, drill another well.  That costs money.  DEP wants to do away with springs.  We thought with the new well we were ahead ofthe game.  Even with this new well we mayneed another well.  The springs haveproduced since 1923.  We can buy waterfrom PA water but it costs more than getting it from our own Springs.
Mayorsreport – no report
Other councilcomments

·        Police are out more since we’ve changed thehours.  We’ve had a couple of autobreakins.  Keep your eyes open.  If you see someone in the area you don’t knowcall the police.

Meeting adjournedat 7:55

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