April 16th Borough Council Meeting Notes

Audience members at last night's Borough Council meeting listen intently as Dwayne Walton, Parkesburg Point's Executive Director, presents his organizations plans for the vacant shopping center at the end of Main Street.

The unofficial notes from last night’s Council meeting, misstatements, misquotes, misspellings and all.

Roll Call; Council Person Chuck Persch and Joe Dynesco were absent

No changes to the agenda

Minutes from 3/19/2012 and 4/2/2012 meetings reviewed and approved

Borough Secretary Wendy Keegan read the Treasurer’s Report.

Borough Bills reviewed.  The Mack Services bill for 5116 dollars is for one months of gas for the streets and police department.  Approved by council.  List of bills here.

Visitor comments:

David Jones – requested the Treasurer’s Report, budget report and minutes be made available to the public.  It would be helpful to know what the information is as it is read.  It would be helpful to know the state of the budget, something beyond that things are “OK.”  Do we know how much of the TAN was spent?  Mel Keen responded $200,000 out of $450,000.  The TAN is a line of credit and doesn’t appear on the Borough’s financial statements until the monies are borrowed.  Council President Rick handed her copy of the Treasurer’s Report to Mr. Jones.

Mayor Hagan followed David Jones comments by making a case for transparency in all our dealings. Past experience suggest council should make all documents and records available so citizens can see what is going on.

Police Report:  Brief report made in Chief Sheller’s absence.

Fire Chief Report:  See Richie Klinger’s fire and ambulance report here.

Presentation by Dwayne Walton, Executive Director of Parkesburg Point – regarding The Parkesburg Point’s expansion plans.  85% of the money needed to purchase the property has been raised.  More on the Point’s plans here.

Borough Manager’s Report

  • Officials at the county informed Mr. Thomas Monday this grant cycle had twice the amount of applicants as money available.  Parkesburg is one of the communities that did not receive the money.
  • West Bridge Street projects – all but one of the temporary easements in place.
  • State Street project finished this week if PennDOT can schedule the inspection
  • Letter of interest, the Western Chester County Chamber of Commerce is interested in forming a Council of Government (COG).  The COG would work on common issues and combine buying power.  An elected official to serve on the COG.
  • We do have an ordinance trying recover the cost of housing the prisoner by forcing the prisoner to pay for his own keep.

Fire Marshall’s report – Ray Stackhouse spoke about the burning ban.  He would like to see the open burning ordinance changed.  To allow for commercially manufactured outdoor fireplaces stating such fireplaces are “relatively safe.”  If the burning is offensive to the neighbor, a citation can be issued and the fire put out.  The county wide burn ban is for 30 days but can be renewed for another 30 days.

Mayor’s Report – Spoke about unoccupied properties in the Borough.  We should ask the owners to notify the Borough when a house is unoccupied.

Parks & Recreation Committee – There is a request for lights on the tennis court.  Since the park closes at dusk there is no need for lights.

Progress & Development Committee– We attended several meetings about the upcoming cycling event. Scheduled for  July 5th.  The organizers are looking for sponsors.  Another meeting scheduled for 4/17.

Streets & Property Committee – A stop sign is needed at the intersection of West and Maple Street

Finance Committee – nothing jumps out at us.  The funds ($7,500) for the library will be released the Monday after mother’s day.

Fire Committee– a brief consolidation report.  All three fire companies are meeting next Monday to come up with a new name and select officers.

The Fire Company Annual Fair will be July 3rd through the 7th

Mel Keen spoke about her weekly email.  To get on the list send Mel Keen (at mlkeen@yahoo.com) your email

Visitor Comments:

David Jones asked about when the committee meetings start.  They meetings start at 7 and run one after the other.  Mr. Jones made the point that if he wants to comment on the Borough’s budget he has to sit through 3 other meetings.

Debbie Helms asked the property on 4th avenue, what if anything was done?  Grass is high and trash is piling up.  The borough has cited the property owner but nothing changes.  The Borough is considering different unspecified options.  Mayor Hagan asked what would it take to get the ordinance enacted.

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