Annual Library Tea A Delightful Success

Annual Library Tea A Delightful Success

By David Jones

Parkesburg Library held their second annual Garden Tea fundraiser Toesday evening. This year’s event was held at the Beiler’s home in White Horse across the street from the White Horse Tavern.

Many of us have driven by this home for years not knowing the absolute beauty that lies just beyond the home’s façade.

6.11.2014 Library Garden Tea4Let me start off by saying a big thank you to Judi Flynn, Carol Lantz and Pam Misciagna. All three are Board members at the library who worked diligently to bring this event (in its second year) to such a high level. At last count there were well over 100 attendees at the Garden Tea! This is absolutely tremendous!

Next let’s focus on the venue. The Beiler’s home and gardens are right out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. The first thing we noticed upon arrival was the wonderful pavilion and outdoor kitchen. What a fabulous place to sit and enjoy the delicious “finger” food provided by the ladies on the board.

6.11.2014 Library Garden Tea5There was cheese cake, brownies, strawberries filled with cheese cake, shortbread, and lots of other wonderful little sweet treats. The teas and lemonade were also first rate and a delightful respite from the hot and sticky weather we’ve encountered of late.

Strolling around the gardens there were pleasures to behold in every direction. The Beiler’s have such attention to detail and the details were in evidence everywhere. A pallet balanced against a small shed was filled with hanging pots of flowers.

A wagon was planted with flowers and just tickles the fancy as you stroll by unexpectedly. A huge-leafed tropical plant accented the outdoor kitchen and helped transport you to a more southern feel that suited the occasion very nicely. There is a huge trellis with two different clematis and a backdrop of the open countryside looking towards Gap.

As evidenced in almost all Amish homes, a huge vegetable garden with nary a weed to be found. Perhaps the highlight of the Beiler’s garden though is there water treatment. A flowing waterfall that can be heard from all over the backyard dominates the landscape.

6.11.2014 Library Garden Tea2The catchment pond is absolutely filled with Koi of various sizes and colors. There are also several very nice and large water lilies. As in any garden of this stature there are places to sit and relax strategically placed throughout. Wondering just beyond the gardens are horses, cows and free-range chickens.

All-in-all this place just takes your breath away! The Beiler’s are an absolute delight as well. They mingled freely with their guests all evening answering questions and being the most gracious hosts you could expect.

So, once again kudos to the library board and the Beiler’s for putting on such an absolutely spectacular event. To those of you who may have missed this opportunity, look for the 3rd installment in 2015 and don’t miss it again. With such obvious upgrades from the first event I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year.

6.11.2014 Library Garden Tea3


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