A Stroll Through Wolf’s Hollow

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Pictures and post by Meghan Miller

Tucked back in Atglen along Schoff Road across from Moccasin Run Golf Course is Wolf’s Hollow.

This county park opened to the public three years ago.  The initial proposal for a public park dat6.26.2013 wolfs hollow sign1es back to the eighties.  According to Chester County’s website, the Chester County Open Space and Recreation Study of 1982 highlighted the location for development.  Later in the decade the budget was approved and official planning began.  Twenty-eight years from the proposal, Wolf’s Hollow opened on December 6, 2010.

Its prime location makes it the perfect place to picnic after a round of golf at Moccasin Run.  Recently, Wolf’s Hollow has been featured as the backdrop for prom pictures.  More commonly, people come to the park to hike, throw a Frisbee, kick around a soccer ball, or have an afternoon picnic.

The park consists of 569 acres of land and 7.9 miles of trails for hiking.  It is truly beautiful with its stunning views across lush green fields surrounded by wooded areas.  Nine trails wind around the park – the Octoraro Ridge Trail, Upper Wolf’s Hollow Trail, Fenceline Trail, Waterfalls Trail, Short-Cut Trail, Loop Trails A, B, and C, and the Access/Connecting Trail.  Each one takes you to a different spot in the park, making for nine unique hiking adventures.  Colored markers fastened to trees line each trail.

Last Sunday, my family went to Wo6.26.2013 wolfs hollow proms6lf’s Hollow for a picnic.  We selected one of several picnic tables near a creek.  After lunch, we followed the Octoraro Ridge Trail, color-coded in yellow.  Leading up to the entrance is a bridge which crosses over a babbling creek, teeming with minnows.  Across the field to the right stretches an old stone wall, aged and weathered with time.  The stony structure is the ruins of Schoff Dam.

Once we entered the trail, we heard various bird calls coming from all directions.  As we traveled beneath the green, leafy canopy of trees, we passed another creek on the left at a bend.  On either side of us hills sloped, spotted with trees.

As we continued down the trail, a small creek cut across our path.  Our dog plowed through while the rest of us stepped over.  At this point, the Octoraro Ridge Trail intersects with the Short-Cut Trail, marked with red.  We followed this new path and as we walked we heard the bird calls intermingle with the flowing creeks in the sound waves. 6.26.2013 wolfs hollow short 3

Along the way we passed families, couples, and other groups walking dogs.  We came across a larger pool of water on the left and found that a fallen tree branch had created a miniature waterfall.  At the end of the trail, a fallen tree prevented us from continuing so my brother and I stopped to skip stones in the pool of water nearby.

On the way back I saw different sights than before and I proceeded slowly to take in everything.  As I looked into the woods, I saw pockets of sunlight filter through the trees, illuminating the ground.  We arrived back at the start of the trail, crossed the bridge, and packed up our picnic.  I looked over the park one last time before driving off-what a perfect way to spend a gorgeous afternoon!

For more history on Wolf’s Hollow click here.


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