S.A.V.E. Route 41 Art Show Opens This Weekend

S.A.V.E. Route 41 Art Show Opens This Weekend

S.A.V.E., the Kennett Square organization focused on promoting “roadway infrastructure consistent with safety, agricultural preservation, historic villages, and environmental protection,” Is hosting an art show focused on highways and traffic.

This from the event’s web site:

In response to growing uncertainty over the future of our local Route 41, Street Road Artists Space presents Arterial Motives, an exhibition of artworks from four continents, all of which highlight a fundamental issue of contemporary life in our increasingly car-centric world: automotive traffic.

Like many roads, Route 41 has many different users and competing functions: it is a key arterial for goods, and farming, but also is situated in a substantial land preservation area and near Amish country – both celebrated for their rural qualities.

At a moment when the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is running studies for a traffic light at Street Road’s intersection (at Routes 41 and 926), and regional development drifts towards a return to pre-2008 unchecked sprawl, Arterial Motives takes in different kinds of traffic use and planning through the eyes of artists from around the world.

These works remind us that on our globalized and motorized planet (the number of vehicles worldwide surpassed 1 billion in 2010 and is projected to grow to 2 billion in 2020) traffic incessantly ebbs and flows. It holds us hostage or propels us forward, inspires horror, frustration and occasionally awe, while also revealing our changing attitudes towards land, mobility and ultimately one another.

More information on the event here.

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