Octorara Junior’s Makeover Courtesy of Assetto Family Hairstyling

Octorara Junior’s Makeover Courtesy of Assetto Family Hairstyling

Alex Heil, a Junior at Octorara High School, was transformed Monday afternoon from a just another neighborhood kid to the girl next door at Assetto’s Family Hair Styling on First Avenue.

In an effort to stay current on styles, techniques, colors and cuts First Avenue businessman Jack Assetto, owner of the the shop that bears his family’s name, invited Nick Ortega to do an in-service session for the shop’s stylist.  Ortega, who works for professional beauty and luxury hair care products company Paul Mitchell, visits three or four times a year to update Assetto’s staff on the latest styles as well as demonstrate new equipment, lotions and gels.

While the additional training isn’t required by regulation, Assetto feels its important that his team stay current and up-to-date.  “I want my customers to know that getting your hair styled at Assetto’s is more than just walking in the door and sitting down in one of our chairs,” Assetto said. “A lot of work and attention goes into our work and the products we use.”

Ms. Heil found herself on the receiving end of some of that extra attention as she sat in stylist Kelly McCormick’s chair where her hair was washed, cut and shaped by Ortega.  Forty-five minutes later her new look, complimented with a beautiful, ear-to-ear smile, emerged.

2.19.2014 Assettos1

Alex before. . . .

2.19.2014 Assettos2


2.19.2014 Assettos3

Brushing . . .

2.19.2014 Assettos4


2.19.2014 Assettos5

2.19.2014 Assettos6


2.19.2014 Assettos7

Stylist Kelly McCormick looks on as Nick Ortega sprays Alex’s hair.

2.19.2014 Assettos9

Alex after . . . with Nick Ortega of Paul Mitchell.

2.19.2014 Assettos15

Assetto’s carries a complete line of Paul Mitchell men’s and women’s hair care products

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