Atglen Find It Friday

Atglen 04 Oct 2013
Atglen Find It Friday

By Meghan Miller

Find It Friday has expanded his treasure hunt for local sites to Atglen!

For new readers, Find It Friday is a weeklycontest. Every Friday, FIF spots an object, building, or location and only reveals part of the scene. This way readers can look around town for the real-life version of the picture and post their answers in the hopes of winning a prize.

FIF was on vacation this summer, but now that he’s getting back into the swing of things, FIF has taken up, once again, searching for familiar but easily missed landmarks in the hopes that readers will take time to look at the world around them (and by doing so, maybe win a prize).

Since FIF has begun his tour of Atglen, there are many new sights to take in. He’s starting out with some easy ones for any readers new to the FIF challenge.

These letters forming “ATGLEN” hang on the outside wall of this building. This one word is part of a bigger label.

If you think you know where this picture was taken, the building on which these letters are fastened, post your guess below in the comments section. The answer and winner of the $10 Rocco & Anna gift certificate will be revealed Sunday morning!

Good luck to all you scavengers and keep your eyes open!



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