Parkesburg Find It Friday

Parkesburg 31 May 2013
5.31.2013 e

Good Friday morning Parkesburg. We not only made it to the end of yet another albeit shortened week, but the end of May as well. Where did that month go?

A confession of sorts on this week’s Find It Friday subject. I didn’t take the picture. In fact I haven’t actually seen the sign pictured above with my own eyes. I’m confident the sign is there however. I just haven’t driven by the building the sign sits in front of a mile or two west of Parkesburg for several months.

The picture is a portion of a photograph of a sign posted on Facebook a couple of months ago. Of course there is more of the picture than is seen here but if I posted the entire photo, many of you would know instantly where the sign is and who had posted the picture to Facebook. And what fun would that be.

So play along just for the fun of it. If you think you know where this sign can be seen and anything about the building it sits in front of, leave your guess in the comment section below by midnight Saturday night.

I’ll post the full picture and a little bit about the house as well as the winner of the $10 Rocco & Anna gift certificate on Sunday morning.

Enjoy the weekend and the view.

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